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Eat the Rainbow ChallengešŸŒˆ $19.00

When you eat the colors of the rainbow, you’re increasing the amount of nutrients that are in food. 

Learn how eating the rainbow can help you manage / lose weight + feel lighter and more energized.  

  • Help with body aches, pain, and stiffness. 
  • Help clear up and improve skin complexion (say bye to acne) 
  • Help improve digestive issues like bloat, acid reflux and constipation. 

When you learn to FEEL empowered around food choices, the  fear + anxiety around what to eat goes away because you know WHY you're choosing what you're choosing. 

You naturally start making better/different decisions that have a positive ripple effect on all areas of your life. 

When you understand why you’re doing things, you do things differently.   

Now, you won’t get swayed by others at family gatherings or when going out to eat because YOU will have the TOOLS + KNOWLEDGE of the benefits of eating the rainbow.

While Eating The Rainbow you will:

  • FEEL more energized + confident in choosing foods + empowered + motivated.
  • YOU WILL sleep better, poop better + help your body naturally detox.
  • HAVE less bloat + the knowledge to continue on your Plant Based Journey!

Join the Eat The Rainbow Challenge and start the journey change your LIFE!

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